My Five Students

My Five Students

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Epidemic of Cabin Fever

Sickness has hit our house. Thank God it's not the flu, yet, but we are still feeling icky. My littlest one caught RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus. Yeah, I googled it). She is old enough that she is outside of the danger zone but it has still been hard on her. It caused her to also get a double ear infection, which has been very painful for her. She is normally my wild child but she has mostly been wanting to lie on the couch. If you know anything about RSV you know that it is extremely contagious. All seven of us currently have some form of it. None of us feel like doing anything and we don't want to go out and spread our germs so we have been stuck in the house for several days. We don't have a tiny house but it is starting to shrink on us. The craziness has started to set in. The fact that it is cold, windy, and very cloudy doesn't help. Today I decided that enough was enough. I gave them a project. Now my children would like you to know that I am the coolest. I'm sure it won't last but, hey! I can enjoy it while it does last.

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